Our Story

Get right is the on-line Health & Fitness program designed just for you. Our 100% success rate is the product of focus on each member’s individual capabilities and nutritional needs based on age, weight, and any ailments to assure immediate and effective results. Our nutritional package is complete with dietary information proven to have compelled members to willingly live a healthier lifestyle. This package also includes methods that are proven to reduce risks against diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.

Get Right Health & Fitness is a proud supporter of Gateway Cancer Research Center, therefore, by subscribing to becoming a more fit and healthier you, a direct contribution is also being made to advancing the finding of a cure for cancer. Our funding to Gateway is furthered with a percentage of merchandise sales through which we also empower our customers. Specifically, from each item sold a dollar donation is placed into a community service fund created. The revenue generated in the fund will be released annually to community programs, or needs, decided by our customers.

We also encourage all to review our Book Drive for Orphans catalog. B.D.F.O. is our company’s adjunct non-profit establishment working on behalf of orphaned children. Our catalog contains a great selection of books and merchandise for purchase and all proceeds generated from sales are donated to the needs and care of orphaned children.

For more details visit our website or add us on Facebook @ WWW.Facebook.com/BookDriveForOrphans