Our Program

For only $20.99 a month you can join our complete and effective membership program. Our trainers privately consult with each member to issue individualized weekly work-out regiments based on your age, weight and ailments, if any, to maximize efforts in achieving your health and fitness goals. Unlike a DVD, our trainers are available to answer questions. We provide weekly dietary plans, nutritional and preventive care information guaranteed to save you tens of thousands of dollars in future healthcare costs.


If you’re serious about improving your health but still debating whether or not this is for you? Our devotion to your health and fitness involves us genuinely wanting for you what we want for ourselves. We take no days off with pride in providing a program that caters to all. If you’re overweight, suffer from high blood pressure, constant fatigue, diabetes, cholesterol issues or just want to improve your health, this program is for you. If you’re what society defines as “plus size” and you’re proud of such, we want to help you celebrate being plus size in a healthy way. If you lack motivation, we motivate with the truth and guarantee that from Day 1 our program will change your perspective of food, and the way you eat while inspiring you to eat healthy and live a healthier lifestyle.

Get Right Today

There are no hidden fees or requirements for any other purchases. For $20.99 a month you can achieve your health and fitness goals from the comfort of your home at a pace and time suited to your capabilities and schedule. To subscribe, access our PayPal link to order, or send your email address with check or money order for $20.99 payable to:

 Get Right Health & Fitness,
P.O. Box 6014

 Elberton, Georgia 30635